Our Companies and Philosophical Thoughts

DC Group was founded after D. Cummins & Associates finally closed it's doors in 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19. After the past few years, the fuckary caused by a shit show of a president and the financial struggles of building a global company in the middle of a global pandemic consulting became unimportant, profit didn't matter, I presonally decided I would rather help others, as AA had taught me. Rebuilding, designing and helping others became the priority. Focused on what I find really important and what makes me happy, life is to short otherwise. I have a few opinions they are mine, my companies don't have opinions. You can find my personal site here, and it was designed and built by the art-depertment so you know it's cool!

Container Life seeks to build homes for the homeless, Recovery Now is dedicated to finding alternative methods of recovery from addiction and finally the art-department is focused on being the design firm for small and medium companies that wouldn't otherwise be able to grow their business online themselves. These are new and in process companies, living on mac and cheese, looking for funding and trying to communicate the vision, prove some concepts and grow. We'll get there one way or another.

Never Give Up, Never Quit, Work Hard, Be Honest

That is our philosophy, commitment and promise.

Container Life, see below for a litte information on container living or head to our main site at Container Life this idea, concept, creation is how we want to give back. Homes built under $30,000 USD for 2 people.

RecoveryNow, a simple, comprehensive path to addiction recovery. No bullshit, no games, simple holistic, healthy and natural approach to recovery. Become recovered. It works and I know, I researched, designed and developed the program for me. Head over to our site and welcome your next evolution in the journey called life at RecoveryNow

The art.department, they are fun, creative, crazy as fuck and do just about everything a small to medium company needs in regards to media production, web content, SEO, social media management and more. Like DRONE photography, fuck we love DRONES. So click here and visit those guys. art-department


Container Life - Giving Hope, Design and Life

Something We Really Believe In For The Future Of Our Planet, Reduce Homelessness and Over Population In Urban Areas

We design and build custom container homes in the DFW area focusing on renewable resources, GREEN energy, and modern long-lasting homes at a cost-effective price point. Call us today and let’s build your new home. And if you’re wondering why please keep reading and click here to view our website.


It comes as no surprise that a lot of the attraction to and buzz around shipping container homes is related to price. Some of it is fair, some of it is not. In many cases, shipping containers can be built quite cheaply, perhaps even cheaper than an equivalent home of traditional construction techniques. While there are a huge number of variables that influence cost (geography, size, design, interior finish-out, etc), we generally say that container homes do offer a small cost savings for most owners. And, if you’re interested in doing some of the work yourself while being resourceful with some of the other expenses, the savings can be significant.


Another advantage of building a shipping container home is that it can be environmentally friendly. There are millions of shipping containers in the world, but only a fraction of them are in service and used actively. Many of the remaining containers are wasting away in ports and storage yards across the world. Using one of these already existing containers as the basis for a home is a great example of adaptive reuse. For each 40 ft shipping container, you are reusing more than 8,000 pounds of steel. You are also reducing the amount of other traditional building materials you’ll need, like masonry and wood. While you could argue that melting down the shipping container and turning the steel into something else is more environmentally friendly, that’s not usually the case. Melting steel requires an incredible amount of energy, you’ll need to remove and dispose of the wooden floor beforehand and then deal with transportation to the steel recycling plant. These and other concerns lead to the surplus of empty shipping containers in the world.